Orange_Rose_PNG_ClipartMothers Day 2015, and I am keenly aware that it can be a very difficult day for so many, with who live with reminders of loss and pain. I spoke with someone today that said they would just sit and cry and others who have told me that they just wanted to be alone to process the pain of that day.

Mother’s Day started as a day of honor, at its inception was a desire to set apart a day to show special recognition. Honor – I like that. To honor someone means to give them high respect, as that shown for special merit; recognition or esteem.

I think it is always a wonderful thing to honor someone who has done so much. Sacrificed so much. Loved greatly. Cared for you at great cost. Someone who has been a place of safety, wisdom, and comfort.

As I write those sentences, the faces of incredible women who never had children, raced through my mind. I think of the impact these ladies have had on my life and the lives of everyone around them. These are significant women, caring women, teaching women, loving women.

We usually give flowers to women on Mother’s Day, and it always reminds me that a flower brings beauty and a wonderful fragrance into a room just by its presence. It doesn’t have to do anything, a flower, just by being present, impacts the room, and changes the environment simply by being there. That is what women can do in the lives of those around them, in any capacity.

So whether you have had children or not, or this day is wonderful or painful. It is a day to honor you and the legacy of life you bring just by your presence in our lives and the lasting impact you leave.

These words from the third chapter of the book of Ruth, verse 11, were spoken to a childless widow many years ago, and yet are still true of so many today.

“Now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you whatever you ask, for all my people in the city know that you are a woman of excellence.” NASB

“And now, my daughter, fear not. I will do for you all you require, for all my people in the city know that you are a woman of strength (worth, bravery, capability).” Amplified

So as we remember our Mother’s, let’s also honor those women around us. Those to whom this day is painful and difficult and remind them that their life is making an impact in profound ways in our lives, and we choose to honor them.