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There is a familiar story in the Bible of a man who is paralyzed and is only able to lay on a mat. (Luke 5:17-20) He has some amazing friends who know that if they can get him to Jesus, He can heal him. His friends face several obstacles; the man is unable to move, and there are so many people crowding around Jesus they can’t get to Him.

He is a man paralyzed in his situation, and his friends know that his only answer is to be in the presence of Jesus, so they do whatever it takes to get him there. The obstacles are overwhelming and impossible, but this is a determined, creative, group of devoted friends.

They figured out that the area where Jesus is in the house could be accessed by tearing up the roof. So they create an unrequested skylight for the owner and tear up the roof and lower him close to Jesus.

This story has always had significance to me. In my lifetime, I have found myself in circumstances occasionally that paralyze me and take me to the mat. The situation is overwhelming, and I have found myself paralyzed and in desperate need of faithful friends. Friends that know how to be persistent and will persevere to get me to Jesus.

Then sometimes, I am that friend, which someone can call upon to tear up the roof for them. I have fasted, prayed and been faithful in prayer when friends ask me to stand with them in situations that have  paralyzed them to the mat.

So, over my lifetime I have been both at differing times, the one on the mat and the one carrying the mat. For the friends who have carried my mat especially in this last year, I am incredibly grateful. You can know with assurance; that I will be there to tear up roofs and carry you to Jesus when you find yourself in a situation that paralyzes you.

That is what friends do for each other.34_jesus-forgives-sins-and-heals-a-man-stricken-with-palsy_1800x1200_300dpi_2